DLC introduces 4 new displays

|06 June 2023

DLC introduces four new displays with IPS display mode. The sizes and options open up new possibilities for wearable devices, industrial devices, white good devices, outdoor applications and electronic tags.

Find the specific information of each display below.



Item Contents Unit
Size 2.76 inch
Resolution 480x(RGB)x480  
Interface RGB/SPI  
Display Mode IPS  
Active Area Φ70.13 mm
Outline 73.03 x 76.48 x 2.30 mm
Brightness 300 cd/m2
Remark Round display  


Item Contents Unit
Size 3.4 inch
Resolution 480x(RGB)x480  
Interface RGB  
Display Mode IPS  
Active Area 60.48 x 60.48 mm
Outline 65.72 x 69.64 x 2.54 mm
Brightness 550 cd/m2
Remark Square display  


Item Contents Unit
Size 7.0 inch
Resolution 800x(RGB)x480  
Interface RGB  
Display Mode IPS  
Active Area 152.40 x 91.44 mm
Outline 165.50 x 107.74 x 11.94 mm
Brightness 600 cd/m2
Remark With square dots,Wide temperature range, 50k hours


Item Contents Unit
Size 8.0 inch
Resolution 1200x(RGB)x1920  
Interface MIPI  
Display Mode IPS  
Active Area 107.64 x 172.07 mm
Outline 122.44 x 183.67 x 2.62 mm
Brightness 1000 cd/m2
Remark High brightness, High PPI  

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