COG Graphic LCD Module WO12864U

|19 August 2019

Winstar released a new COG mono graphic LCD module WO12864U which is made of 128×64 dot matrix format. This COG module WO12864U is built in with ST7565P IC, it supports 8-bit 6800, 8-bit 8080 parallel and 4-wire serial SPI interface. The WO12864U is having the same outline dimension, AA size, VA size as WX12864U2. The power supply (VDD) of WO12864U is 3.3V, VOP 8.5V which are the same as WX12864U2. The WO12864U is an alternative item to replace WX12864U2 which TAB IC had been phased out. Comparing WO12864U and WX12864U2, the outline dimension, AA size, VA size, interface, pin assignment, main electrical characteristics are all the same.

This module can be operating at temperatures from -20℃ to +70℃; its storage temperatures range from -30℃ to +80℃. WO12864U is available in FSTN positive LCD and with White LED backlight; without backlight option is available as well. Please contact us if you need different LCD type and LED combination.



Number of dots

128 x 64

Module dimension

58.2 x 44.7 x 3.9(MAX) mm

View area

52.0 x 33.5 mm

Active area

47.76 x 30.29 mm

Dot size

0.40 x 0.35 mm

Dot pitch

0.42 x 0.37

LCD type

FSTN Positive Transflective
(In LCD production, It will occur slightly color difference. We can only guarantee the same color in the same batch.)



View direction

6 o’clock

Backlight Type

LED, White




For more information visit the Winstar WO12864U web page

Or contact Nijkerk Electronics


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