BOE introduces Full HD Micro OLED devices for near eye applications

|06 November 2020

Micro OLED  devices are small (<1,5  inch) , self – emitting and with super high Pixel Per Inch (PPI). With a high color gamut , faster response and higher contrast ratio it makes them an excellent choice for near eye applications. BOE can offer Micro OLED products in 0,39 and 0,71 inch at FHD resolution with more sizes and resolutions still to come in 2021.

Micro OLED is mainly used because of its very high resolution on a very small area. Usually a mirror is used in the target applications to enlarge the image. If you are going to enlarge a lower resolution display it will not be as nice as with Micro OLED. The very high number of pixels per inch will not be found in other technologies.


Technical Specifications

Screen Size

0.71 inch






1500 nit

Refresh Rate

25 ∼ 90Hz



For more info, please contact Nijkerk Electronics

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