Anti-Vibration Capacitors for Electric Vehicles

The use of Electric Vehicles is growing rapidly. A direct consequence is that many more electronic components are needed, for example in the ECUs.

In the ECUs, capacitors are used to stabilize the voltage of a power circuit and eliminate electronic noise. Vibrations have an important influence on the reliability of the capacitors. To increase reliability, Nippon Chemi-Con has developed capacitors with a vibration resistant structure.

Two main features of Anti Vibration Capacitors

  1. Cradle supporting capacitor body

The cradle supports the body for less motion.



  1. Reliable soldering properties

By specifying copper land sizes to cover all of the dummy terminals and real terminals, the cradle can be fixed onto the pcb by soldering. Then, the cradle doe not break against the terminals.

Conventional Construction

Anti-vibration construction

Vibration Test Specs


High frequency vibration

General vibration test for AI-caps

Vibration frequency Range

10 ∼2000Hz

10 ∼55Hz


5mm p-p max

1.5mm or 10G, whichever smaller


30G max.

Sweep cycle

10 ∼2000∼10Hz, 20 minutes

10 ∼55∼10Hz, 1 minute

Sweep method


Exponential or constant

Test duration

2 hours per each of XYZ (total 6 hours)

2 hours per each of XYZ (total 6 hours)


For more information, please contact Nijkerk Electronics.

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