Winstar OLED Circuit Built-in Solution—WEA Series

|14 juli 2021

Winstar released a series of OLED Circuit Built-in Solution display modules – OLED WEA Series. The OLED WEA Series are our COG extension items featuring power circuit built-in on board and reserved standard 2.54 mm pin holes on PCB board to provide another easy connecting function. The PCB board with mounting holes is an easy method for customers to fix modules on their applications. This WEA series supports 3V and 5V input voltage. Furthermore, our Circuit Built-in Solution supports serial interface which can reduce PIN numbers for design.

WEA series are available with OLED sizes from 0.49”to 2.4”; and 5.5” will be released in July or early of August. They are suitable for smart home application, medical device, smart control, meter, etc. OLED Circuit Built-in Solution is designed to help customers to reduce their development time and provide an easy way for OLED panel setup. It’s a very easy task for customers to set up the display with their device. Using our OLED Circuit Built-in Solution can shorten the development time and speed up the time to market.

For more information, please contact Nijkerk Electronics

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