Winstar 3.5″ Smart Display CAN TFT Series

|27 september 2021

The Winstar WL0F00035 model is a 3.5 inch Smart Display CAN series TFT display which is running CANopen protocol via CAN bus command to render display content on the screen and return touch event data with protocol objects. WL0F00035 model is integrated with a standard 3.5 inch IPS TFT module WF35XTYACDNG0 and a 4-layers PCBA with built-in firmware code which is developed by Winstar RD team. This 3.5″ Smart Display CAN series TFT is an easy-to-use product which allows customers to their own UI without writing a line of code in cost-effective way. This 3.5″ Smart Display can use computer with USB2CAN dongle or Raspberry Pi (+PiCAN2) or even MCU scale like Arduino(+CAN adaptor) as HOST platform. Winstar already developed Windows Apps (GUI & GUI Builder) for Smart Display GUI design. Winstar GUI builder software is designed for customers to simulate their UI design in advance by using the drag-and-drop Widget preview function; furthermore, customers can create their ideal UI objects by themselves using this software then go simulation to check UI design without hardware module. Winstar GUI builder software is supporting Windows system only; it can fulfill What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).

Try before you buy! Contact us to download Winstar GUI Builder Software.

Winstar Smart Display CAN Series offers an out-of-the-box CANopen development experience that will lower your development costs and speed your time-to-market expectations. The CanTFT comes with standard UI objects to get customers project off the ground quickly. If customers need custom UI objects support, our engineers are here to help. Send over your contents in PNG/JPG format, we will customize a new set of UI objects to you.

Winstar Smart Display Can Series is really a “smart” choose for customers. There are many important features and functions for this new released 3.5″ smart display CAN TFT as below:

►DC 5V working voltage, low power consumption for USB to drive
► Power-On Self-Test & Splash screen
►CAN bus communication Interface
►Supports CANopen protocol, default baud rate at 250KB
►Built in flash memory, store the font and Object Dictionary Data
►Supports Projected Capacitive touch screen (PCAP)
►Long transmission distance
►Strong anti-interference ability
►Built-in Buzzer.
►Supports Multi-master
►Operating temperature -20℃~70℃
►Design the UI without writing a line of code by Winstar GUI builder! (►Link to GUI Builder Introduction)

We have three kinds of demo scenarios available. For more details contact Nijkerk Electronics.


WL0F00035000XGAAASB00 (Industrial Application)
Link to Winstar product web page

WL0F00035000XGAAASC00 (Vehicle Application)
Link to Winstar product web page

WL0F00035000XGAAASD00 (Medical Application)
Link to Winstar product web page

Below is the 3.5″ CAN Series Smart Display mechanical data and TFT-LCD module information for reference

Mechanical Data:


Standard Value


LCD panel

76.84(W) × 63.84(H) × 4.53



100(W) × 82(H) × 1.6


Housing outline



TFT Module Information: WF35XTYACDNG0


Standard Value


Operating voltage



 Communication Interface

CAN bus differential ± 3.3


LCD display size



Dot Matrix

320 × 3(RGB) × 240


Module dimension

76.84(W) × 63.84(H) × 4.53(D)


Active area

70.08(W) × 52.56(H)


Dot pitch

0.073(W) × 0.219(H)


LCD type

TFT, Normally Black, Transmissive

View Direction

80/80/80/80 (IPS TFT)

Aspect Ratio


Touch Panel

With CTP touch panel




For questions, please contact Nijkerk Electronics

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