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03 novembre 2022

2 inch IPS TFT with PCAP Touch from Winstar

The WF0200BTYAJDNG10 from Winstar is a 2-inch Portrait Mode IPS TFT-LCD display with a Projected capacitive touch panel (PCAP) resolution […]

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09 juin 2022

Winstar RS485 Smart Display Series Introduction

Smart Display RS485 TFT series is defined as a slave device controlled by a master device via RS485 command to […]

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30 mai 2022

Winstar WF50FSYBGDSGA – 5 inch High Brightness SPI 800×480 IPS TFT with PCAP Touch

WF50FSYBGDSGA from Winstar is a 5-inch High Brightness IPS TFT-LCD display with a Capacitive Touch screen (PCAP) resolution of 800×480 […]

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01 juin 2021

Winstar 4.3″ HDMI Signal High Brightness IPS TFT

Winstar WF43WSYFEDHNV is an IPS 4.3 inch High Brightness TFT-LCD module; it’s made of resolution 480×272 pixels. WF43WSYFEDHNV comes with […]

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