New Ethernet PHYs from Micrel.

Lowest power, smallest packages (4x4), enhanced EMC performance, rich featureset and integrated termination.

New KSZ8081 for 10/100 Fast Ethernet, in 4x4mm package.
New KSZ9031 for 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet, in 7x7mm package

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High Voltage Isolator from Optek.

High voltage isolator (16kV) for data communication up to 2Mbit/s and High voltage optic isolator (15kV) with high noise immunity.

The OPI1268 is a high voltage isolator with a digital output that is capable of high speed data transmission.
The OPI1280 series is designed for applications that require high voltage isolation between input and output or signal communication over short distances.

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New 1.5A non-isolated miniature POL DC-DC converter from Murata PS.

Overall dimensions : 10.4 x 10.16 x 6.1 mm
Operating temperature range: – 40 to + 85 degrees C.
The units are designed to meet UL/EN/EC 60950-1 safety and FCC EMI/RFI emission certifications and are RoHS-6 compliant.

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Good performance, Wide product range and very affordable price!

As an enhancement to the industrial line up, KYOCERA Display introduced a new line of TFT displays in a wide range of sizes for cost sensitive applications where an industrial product spec. is not required.

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Understanding Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors.

The rapid, ongoing growth in electronics has been aided by technological advances, leading to constant new challenges for manufacturers of these components. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are one such example. They have been traditionally used for filtering, timing networks, by-pass, coupling and other applications requiring a cost-effective, volumetrically efficient and highly reliable component. View these technical notes for a more in-depth look at the fundamentals of aluminum electrolytic technology

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Energy Micro's MCU's now supported by SEGGER's MCU embedded software suite.

Specific tools from SEGGER supporting the Energy Micro EFM32 Gecko MCUs include:
- Real-time operating system "embOS"
- The embedded file system "emFile"
- "emWin" GUI library

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