NEWSLETTER 2013-02-18

Projected Capacitive Touchscreen solutions.

Tailor-made & industrial touchscreen technology.

It is very easy to create a ruggedized touch screen with almost perfect optical performance, together with your own cover design. Vandal proof, multi-touch, easy to clean and great looking!

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COLOR TFT-LCD Modules for Industrial use.

High Reliability, Optimal Visibility and Enhanced Viewability

Mitsubishi Electric's technologies bring enhanced capability and optimum performance to a wide variety of industrial applications. Combining best optical performances with long-term availability!

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New Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors.

New Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Long life, 10.000 hours at 105 °C, series of Nippon ChemiCon; snap-ins / radial miniature Ø 5 mm to Ø 8 mm and radial Low impedance- , high ripple current

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NEW power contactor for upto 1500Vdc/ 50A switching.

The New P105 Minitactor from Gigavac power products is small in size, lightweighted and cost effective. This part can switch signals upto 1500Vdc at 50Amp.

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Exar offers PoL conversion with minimum design time and Fully Programmable Power Management features.

Exar's PowerXR family of products combine digital power conversion control and monitoring technology with high performance analog circuitry in the industry’s leading portfolio of programmable power-management system solutions.

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3G modems for M2M applications from Fibocom.

Fibocom UMTS/HSPA+ series is specially designed for M2M and mobile-broadband applications. Featuring small size and low power consumption with reliable data transmission, its embedded TCP/IP protocol stack has been successfully used in billions of terminals all over the world.

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