2013-02-18 Projected Capacitive Touch screen solutions


It is very easy to create a ruggedized touch screen with almost perfect optical performance, together with your own cover design.
As one of leading Electronic Distributor in the Benelux, Nijkerk Electronics can help you creating your touch screen application with Projected Capacitive (PCAP) technology.

Vandal proof, multi-touch, easy to clean and great looking!

Together with DMC Co., Ltd (Japan) we can do that job for you!

Projected Capacitive sensors use transparent electrode technology.
DMC’s industrial PCAP sensors consist of two sheets facing each other with electrodes in between.
This technology allows multiple point recognition and very sensitive touch activation.

By optically bond your own cover glass design to DMC’s PCAP sensor, Nijkerk supplies the latest touch screen technology, providing best optical performance and a unique design.


Advantages of DMC’s PCAP touch screen:

  •     Smooth Touch 
  •     High Durability (typ. 50.000.000 touches)
  •     High light transmittance (>90%)
  •     Multi touch
  •     Gloved-hand operation
  •     Resistant to scratches on surface
  •     Flat surface, easy to clean
  •     Resistant to ultraviolet
  •     Sizes from 5.7 inch to 32 inch

IMPORTANT NOTICE: PCAP heavily depends on the controller for its functionality and performance. DMC considered it is necessary to have a USB controller as their own product.This gives a comprehensive supportof PCAP, both for the touch screen and the controller as well as for the hardware and software.

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