2017-04-05 Murata introduces 2.5x2.0mm max 0.6mm height winding power inductor

Max. 0.6 mm high, Max. 22 uH power inductor for wearable devices.

There is an increasing demand for compact, low-profile power
inductors in electronic devices such as wearable devices and
smart cards. Because liquid crystal panels are mounted on
these devices, inductors that have both a low profile as well as
a high L value are needed for the panel drivers. Yet, in the conventional
monolithic type low-profile high-power inductors LQM_CH series,
the L value was limited to 2.5 uH.

This is why Murata has released the 1008-inch (2.5 x 2.0 mm) winding
inductors LQH2HPN_DR series intended for wearable devices. It is
available in a variety of L values up to 22 uH, in spite of its low profile.


- Low profile ideal for wearable devices (max. 0.6 mm)
- Wide inductance lineup (0.47uH to 22uH)


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