2015-09-17 Sumida announces new PSI² (Power supply in Inductor)


SUMIDA now offers a new range of fully integrated power modules which feature
outstanding performance with industry-leading power density. SUMIDA has
leveraged its extensive experience in inductor technology to achieve the highest
available efficiency as well as optimized packaging for thermal management.

In this product all components are integrated within the inductor which provides
significant benefits.

•The maximum amount of magnetic material is used, rather than plastic fillers,
allowing low loss and high efficiency
•The coil can use thicker wire for lower resistive losses and higher efficiency
•The magnetic material is thermally conductive, avoiding hot spots
•The inductor provides electromagnetic shielding for the switching components
•The integrated power module is fully tested and dramatically simplifies the end
product design
•The small size and very low profile (2.8 mm) package reduces board space,
allowing higher density designs

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