2015-07-10 Murata extends lineup of 1206 & 1210 size MLCCs above 100uF

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has expanded its lineup of 1206-size (3.2mm × 1.6mm) and 1210-size (3.2mm × 2.5mm) monolithic ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) (GRM series) in the range exceeding 100µF with the addition of new products rated at 150µF, 220µF, and 330µF.



As the functionality of electronic devices becomes more advanced, demand is growing for reduced mounting area and support for higher frequencies when designing power supply circuits for applications such as laptop PCs, servers, and communication infrastructure. Murata is working to expand its lineup of high-capacity monolithic ceramic capacitors as one solution to help meet this demand. Murata 
MLCCs have a proven track record in the server field, and in recent years demand has continued to grow.



Compared with the polymer capacitors typically used in the range above 100µF, Murata MLCCs deliver better ESR characteristics and compactness. The lower ESR levels mean that it is possible to replace polymer capacitors with MLCCs with lower capacitance. 
In addition, in circuits where MLCCs are connected in parallel to attain the required capacitance, higher-capacitance MLCCs can be used to reduce the overall number of components.



Decoupling applications for low-voltage-drive ICs (CPU network processors, etc.) used in PCs, servers, network equipment, and communication infrastructure


Parts List

1206 size(3.2mm × 1.6mm), X5R characteristics, 150µF, M deviation (±20%), rated voltage 6.3V: GRM31CR60J157ME11 

1206 size(3.2mm × 1.6mm), X5R characteristics, 220µF, M deviation (±20%), rated voltage 6.3V: GRM31CR60J227ME11

1210 size (3.2mm × 2.5mm), X5R characteristics, 330µF, M deviation (±20%), rated voltage 4V: GRM32ER60G337ME05


View the GRM series lineup here:


Electric characteristics

Temperature characteristics: 

 X5R, X6S

 Rated voltage:

 2.5Vdc to 6.3Vdc


 150µF, 220µF, 330µF

 Capacitance deviation:

 M deviation (±20%)

 Operating temperature range:

 -55°C to 85°C (X5R)


 -55°C to 105°C (X6S)

External Size

1206 size: L = 3.2±0.3, W = 1.6±0.3, T = 1.6±0.3 (unit: mm)
1210 size: L = 3.2±0.3, W = 2.5±0.2, T = 2.5±0.2 (unit: mm)


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