2015-04-17 Lumineq revolutionizes display readability with the launch of EL04S

Lumineq revolutionizes display readability with the launch of EL40S

When a job requires immediate and accurate decisions – operators
need information at a glance. Even at a safe distance – or from an
extreme angle. Until now, displays haven't been reliable enough to
handle such requirements. That is – until Lumineq EL40S.

The Lumineq EL40S display is the result of  years of experience and
feedback from the field. Today’s operators need to be more efficient,
precise as well as stay safe in all demanding work conditions.

That’s why Lumineq EL40S is creating a new revolution in readability:

Unmatched readability – Lumineq EL40S can be easily read in all
types of tough working environments. We’re introducing a new
level of readability that has never been possible before.

Unmatched clarity, brightness, contrast – No drawbacks of
conventional display technologies, where day and nighttime lighting
affects the clarity of content. The EL40S stays bright and clear – at
temperatures from -60 °C up to +85 °C.

Easy viewing from a distance – From 20 meters and beyond, this
display is easy to read. Even off-angle and off-axis. Only a quick
glance is needed to grasp vital information.

Long lifetime – Durability is simply outstanding. No need to send
service technicians to remote places to repair. These displays are
built to last in humid and oscillating conditions, year after year.

No hassle in the field – With its unrivaled readability, EL40S adds
to your safety, efficiency and ergonomics in extreme conditions.
As a start, it’s easy to replace any of your current display solutions
with the brilliance of the Lumineq EL40S.



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