2014-02-19 Winstar high contrast ratio and wide view angle display

Winstar VATN Standard WH1602B Type
The demands of high contrast ratio and wide view angle for
displays are getting more and more popular.   There is one
kind of display which can meet the demand with better
performance than DFSTN but just pay a little extra reasonable
cost, that is VATN display.  

OLED / STN / VFD / VATN  Comparison


Different applications need different kind of displays to present
the best performance or value of the products.  We make a
comparison chart for customers as reference to find the suitable
displays easily for your products. 
Next to VATN, OLED is the so called next generation display. 
It offers many significant advantages relation to conventional
displays, such as featured with high brightness, high contrast ratio,
widest view angle, faster response time, wider operation temperature,
lower power consumption and extra thin since no need of backlight. 


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