2013-05-08 Transparent EL displays from Lumineq

Transparent EL Displays – TASEL from LUMINEQ!
Clear as glass. Reliable like no other. Your see-through difference!

Break the boundaries of display design
Lumineq transparent electroluminescent (TASEL) displays combine the rugged and reliable build of thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays with the unique freedom of designing a completely transparent display that can be viewed from two sides.

TASEL is ideal for consumer electronics, architectural design, transportation and other applications where viewing experience and product aesthetics are of paramount importance. The brightness and image response time are exceptional.

5 unique advantages of TASEL
Transparent displays are easy to manufacture for high-end applications:

  •  Fresh look with wide angle and crisp viewing characteristics
  •  Unmatched ruggedness and world-class display performance
  •  Customizable by drilling, bending or cutting into unusual shapes to add to product distinction
  •  Upscale product appearance over LED or LCD display technologies
  •  Custom display text or graphic

Lifecycle promise
Lumineq lifecycle programs make it easy for our customers to focus on their products. We can help you build a stellar product and keep it in production longer. Lumineq builds displays with the same components, eliminating any issues with varying components.

New name behind proven technology
At the end of 2012, Beneq acquired the Finnish-based electroluminescence business from US Planar Systems, Inc. The new display product brand is called Lumineq. Together with Beneq, Lumineq works closely on the industrial production and development of TASEL and TFEL technology and other atomic layer deposition (ALD) enabled products.
Our goal is to expand our portfolio of world-leading ALD technology and related products and allow our customers to enter new and exciting application areas with unsurpassed quality displays.

ISO certification
Lumineq production facilities have obtained ISO 9001:2008 registration.

For more information, please visit http://lumineq.com/en/products/tasel


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