2013-05-08 Europe Chemi-con Double Layer Capacitors

Electric Double Layer Capacitor

Compared to the commonly used rechargeable batteries, Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC), which is capable to be charged-discharged with high current, is an energy storage device which has excellent charge-discharge cycle life. In the recent years, with energy issues (reduction of oil consumption, consumer electric power, CO2 emission, and effective use of new energy) being focused, using EDLC on more and more new applications is considered. Installation of EDLC in hybrid or fuel-cell vehicle is also considered.
Nippon Chemi-Con has been strongly pursuing products that serve for energy conservation, low environmental load. EDLC representats those environmental-friendly products. We have a wide range of products to meet customers' needs, starting from a several hundred Farads, to large capacitance of 2300F.

Conventional capacitors have a dielectric sandwiched between two electrodes. When voltage is applied, dipoles are oriented, and thus electric charge is stored. Electric double layer capacitors have electric charges oriented at the boundary of electrolyte and electrodes which is called the "electric double layer."

Unlike rechargeable batteries, EDLC does not use chemical reactions and it stores energy solely by physical movement of ion to the surface of activated carbon. That gives EDLC features as following;

・With low degradation, it withstands multimillion charge-discharge cycles.
・With the high power density, rapid (high current) charge-discharge is possible.
・With a high charge-discharge efficiency, the output efficiency of over 95% with a power density 1kW/kg is achieved.
・Environment-friendly without containing heavy metals.
・High in safety at irregular ocassions, and will be not destroyed even by short circuiting.



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