2013-04-12 Energy Micro's Ultra MCU's now supported by SEGGER's MCU embedded software suite.


Specific tools from SEGGER supporting the Energy Micro EFM32 Gecko MCUs include:

the real-time operating system "embOS" which offers multitasking with minimal
   resources and true zero interrupt latency,

the embedded file system "emFile" which is optimized for minimum RAM memory
   consumption supporting SD-card, NAND and NOR flash memory with wear levelling,

the efficient "emWin" user interface, an LCD controller-independent graphical user
   interface (GUI) for applications requiring a graphics display. The high-quality graphical
   software, which runs with any display or any MCU, delivers flicker-free animation,
   optimized drawing routines with optional anti-aliasing, and a GUI builder for Window
   Objects (Widgets).

Energy Micro provides the emWin Graphical Library from SEGGER through
Simplicity Studio, for free.
This graphical library provides the software developer with functions to draw shapes, text and images and takes care of drawing operations like alpha blending and anti-aliasing. In addition to the standard drawing operations, this library also provides its own window manager, has support for touch inputs, cursors and skinnable widgets. It also has several PC tools available, including a bitmap converter and font converter. These tools produce C-files which can easily be compiled into your application.

For further information click on the links below:

White Paper :
Implementing Low Power Graphical User Interfaces with Microcontrollers

Application Notes :
AN0047 Interfacing Graphical Displays
This application note demonstrates how to drive a graphical display with the EFM32 microcontrollers.

AN0048 Energy Optimized Display Application
This application note shows how the EFM32 can be used to create an application that
requires a high resolution graphical display, yet still maintains a low power consumption.


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