2013-04-12 High Voltage isolator from Optek

OPI1268: High voltage isolator (16KV) for data communication upto 2Mbit/s.

The OPI1268 is a high voltage isolator with a digital output that is capable of high speed data transmission.  The input of the OPI1268 consists of a high-efficiency GaAlAs LED with a peak wavelength of 850 nm, which is optically coupled to the output optical IC.
A photodiode in the output IC detects the incoming modulated light and converts it to a proportionate current.  This current is fed into a high-gain linear amplifier which is temperature, current and voltage compensated.  The result is a highly stable digital output with an open collector inverter configuration.  This device produces DC and AC voltage isolation between the input and output circuitry while providing TTL signal integrity.

OPI1280: High voltage optic isolator (15KV) with high noise immunity.

Each OPI1280 consists of a visible Red LED and a Phototransistor sensor, which are housed in separate opaque molded plastic housings and coupled by plastic fiber optic cable.  The heavy-duty opaque housing shields the optical signal from dust, making this series of devices ideal for dust contaminated environments.

The OPI1280 series are designed for applications that require high voltage isolation between input and output or signal communication over short distances.  Depending on the length of the fiber optic cable, the emitter does not have to be optically in-line with the sensor.  The isolation voltage is greater than 10 K volts per inch (Isolation distance between components) for all versions of the OPI1280.


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