2012-11-16 Murata Power Solutions announces a 15W DC-DC converter with 10:1 input range.

The RUW15 series of 15W ultra-wide, single output isolated DC/DC converters is designed for transportation and industrial applications where the input voltage may vary widely and a hold-up capability is required.
Accommodating an extremely wide input range from 16 to 160 VDC, the RUW series therefore has a high immunity to input surges and is able to "ride-through" drop-outs of indefinite duration across the input range by addition of a relatively small external capacitor. The series comprises 2 models providing the is available with nominal outputs of 12 or 24 VDC. A 5V version is under development.

Product Features
Externally settable hold up time with additional capacitor
DC OK/Power Fail signal
Short circuit protection
Over temperature protection
Over voltage protection

Datasheet cab be found here.

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