2012-10-16 Exar Delivers Power Distribution Switch For USB Applications

The XRP2523 is compliant with the latest USB 3.0 specification as well as the established USB 2.0 specification. The new specification provides higher power to the downstream peripherals and enables more efficient battery charging over USB.

The XRP2523 manages all aspects of the VBUS power distribution; providing a low on-resistance to meet the USB voltage regulation requirement, controlling transients during turn-on and hot plugging events and handling all fault conditions such as over current, short circuit or over temperature. The XRP2523 seamlessly interfaces with any USB controller through an active-high enable logic and channel fault flag.

Product Details

The XRP2523 is a compact and cost effective single channel power distribution switch supporting a 3.2V to 6.5V input voltage range. With a low 85m? on-resistance, this device is capable of delivering up to 1.5A of continuous load current while meeting USB requirements for voltage drop and regulation. An integrated soft-start function controls turn-on transients. Built-in over current, a 1.6A over current limit, under voltage lockout (UVLO), reverse current, short circuit and over temperature features, protect both the hub and the peripheral from any abnormal operating conditions. False fault detections are masked from the USB controller through a 9ms blanking of the error flag. An active-high control logic also allows the controller full control on the XRP2523 on/off state.



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