2012-07-24 Power Integrations Introduces LinkSwitch-HP


Power Integrations today announced LinkSwitch™-HP, a new family of energy-efficient, off-line switcher ICs that can deliver up to 90 W output power with accurate primary-side regulation (PSR). LinkSwitch-HP ICs utilize innovative control algorithms and the properties of the main power transformer and output diode to determine the amount of power to deliver from the primary to the isolated secondary side. This method dramatically reduces component count, saving space and cost while enhancing reliability.

Popularized more than a decade ago with the advent of Power Integrations' LinkSwitch line, PSR is now standard in many low-power applications such as mobile-phone chargers but until now has lacked the constant-voltage accuracy required in higher-power products. LinkSwitch-HP devices feature a unique multi-mode control architecture that radically advances the state of the art for PSR, making it a viable approach for power-supply applications from 9 W to 90 W.


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