2012-07-20 7W Power Factor Corrected LED driver (Non-Isolated Boost) from Power Integrations.


DER-324 describes a 7 W, constant current output, non-isolated LED driver (power supply). Highly efficient and small in size, the complete circuit is designed to fit into B10-sized lamps and will simplify and speed up the process of creating new lighting products.

Based on the LNK457DG from the LinkSwitch-PL family of devices: DER-324 delivers

  • Single-stage power factor corrected and accurate constant current (CC) output
    • PF >0.95 at 115 VAC
    • %A THD <25% at 115 VAC
  • Low cost, low component count and small PCB footprint solution
  • Highly energy efficient, >90 % at 115 VAC input
  • No potting needed to operate at 75 ºC internal ambient
  • Fast start-up time (<50 ms) – no perceptible delay

DER-324 operates over the low AC input voltage range (90 VAC to 132 VAC, 47 Hz to 63 Hz). All LinkSwitch-PL IC-based designs provide a high power factor (>0.95), meeting or exceeding all current international requirements.


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