2012-05-16 New company brand name for austriamicrosystems and TAOS.


We are proud to be announcing the launch of our new company brand name "ams" for austriamicrosystems, a leader in high-performance analog semiconductors and best-in-class sensor solutions. The new brand name "ams" unites austriamicrosystems with the brand and identity of TAOS (Texas Optoelectronic Solutions), the leading global supplier of intelligent lights sensors, acquired in 2011. A new name, the same great products.


Going forward, all of the products and services that you have been accustomed to seeing from austriamicrosystems and TAOS will now be available under one single brand - "ams". You will continue to have access to the same broad range of sensor and sensor interface, power management and wireless products.


Along with our new identity, we now have a new web domain - www.ams.com, where you can continue to find detailed information regarding all the products, applications and support tools. The website also has a short video explaining our new innovative logo and brand.


Over the coming months, you will also start noticing all of our product datasheets, brochures, presentations and other related material will be converted to our new brand look.


The future together with ams

The launch of the ams brand is an exciting time for the whole family of ams employees, some 1,200 people serving our more than 6,500 customers around the world. We look forward to continuing to work with all of our valued partners. Our mission remains to provide our customers with the innovative high performance solutions for their most challenging applications.


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