2012-04-10 Murata's low capacitance electrostatic discharge protection devices


The LXES series of ceramic and silicon based ESD protection devices feature high suppression levels, high repetition durability and ultra-low capacitance for use in high-speed data transmission environments. With increased demand for more features in mobile devices, and reduced size in today's ICs, ESD protection devices are increasingly more critical components in protecting sensitive circuits in electronic equipment such as mobile phones, notebook PCs and netbooks, digital devices and other consumer products.



  • Low capacitance design
  • Minimal signal loss
  • High suppression levels
  • 1000 cycles at 8K contact voltage
  • Silicon & Ceramic types


  • Protection of sensitive IC’s and high speed transmission lines from ESD
  • Consumer and commercial applications such as Netbooks, Industrial Controls and Portable Hand-held Devices

Silicon based parts in the LXES series feature:

  • A low capacitance design (down to 0.25pF typical), which also minimizes signal loss on high-speed data and transmission lines.
  • High suppression levels (less than 100V output when input voltage is 15kV).
  • High repetition durability (1000 cycles at 8kV contact voltage).
  • Two, four and six line array designs, along with single line devices

Ceramic parts in the LXES series feature:

  • Ultra-low capacitance (down to 0.05pF typical)
  • Small case size, down to 1.0 x 0.5 x 0.33mm.
  • No distortion making them suitable for use in antenna circuitry
  • High repetition durability (1000 cycles at 8kV contact voltage).

Click here to download the LXES Series Summary Guide (PDF)


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