2012-02-23 New LinkSwitch™-PH reference design: 30 W, >90% efficient, LED tube replacement ballast

PI’s new LED lighting ballast reference design (DER-286) describes a 30 W LED tube replacement ballast power supply capable of achieving industry-leading efficiency levels of over 90% across a wide input-voltage range while meeting worldwide PF and THD requirements. .

Key features and benefits include:

  • Highly energy efficient
  • <89% at 115 VAC and >90% 230 VAC input
  • No high-voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitors used in the primary side
  • Easily meets IEC61000-3-2 Class C harmonics at 230 VAC input
  • Low THD
    • <15% at 115 VAC input
    • <20% at 230 VAC input

The LED driver design uses a LNK419EG device from the LinkSwitch-PH family of ICs. This integrated controller and 725 V MOSFET dramatically reduce the complexity and component count of the solution.


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