2012-02-07 Power Integrations uses new technology approach which makes start-up of HiperPFS quiet and reliable


During start-up, PI's HiperPFS family employs a unique control method which allows the PFC circuit to deliver maximum power to the bulk capacitor during start-up. This approach ensures a smooth turn-on, avoids the need for an elevated current limit and eliminates audible noise while applying power to the circuit.

By having a smooth and well defined current-limit characteristic during start-up, the HiperPFS family also avoids the need for the over-sized power train that is typically required to withstand the increased stress of turn-on.

Other features and benefits of the HiperPFS family include:

  • Single chip, low component count solution increases reliability and reduces solution cost
  • Boost power factor correction (PFC); EN61000-3-2 Class C compliant
  • High light-load efficiencyFrequency adjusted over line-voltage, and line-cycle which reduces EMI and allows the use of a smaller input choke

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