2012-02-01 Fibocom announcement


Dear Customer,

In order to further expand the M2M business in Benelux, Nijkerk Electronics is happy to
announce our new cooperation with Fibocom.

With over 12 years of experience in the M2M industry, Fibocom focuses on wireless
communication and GPS modules, providing the customer with complete technology
services and solutions.

As a strategic partner with Intel Mobile Communications and CSR, and with a history of
establishing Motorola’s M2M technology service centre in Asian & Pacific regions,
Fibocom have succesfully introduced their first GPRS modules for Motorola in 2009.
In 2010, Fibocom have introduced their SiRF-IV based GPS modules.

G610 Series Quad Band GSM/GPRS modem module
Low power consumption : 1,6mA @Sleep Mode               
Built-in TCP/IP and UDP/IP  protocol
Built-in MMS protocol
RX Sensitivity : -108dBm
UART, ADC’s and definable GPIO interfaces
Operating Voltage : 3,3 - 4,5V
SMD mounting
Size : 31,4 × 20,2 × 3,0mm
Operating temperature range : -40 / +85 °C 
  GTS-4E Series GPS module
48-channel SIRF-IV engine
Average current : 33 mA
Acquisition Sensitivity : -148 dB
Tracking Sensitivity : -163 dB
Hot start : <1 s
Cold start : <35 s
Operating Voltage : 2,7 - 5,5 V 
SMD mounting
Size : 16,0 × 12,2 × 3,0mm 
Operating temperature range : -40 / +85 °C

We are looking forward to your feedback, and will be happy to support you with further
documentation, design kits and evaluation modules.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Please click on below links for product brochures.
- G610 modem module
- GTS-4E GPS module



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