2011-12-08 Nippon Chemi-Con to Supply Electric Double Layer Capacitors DLCAP™ for Passenger Vehicles

Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation will supply electric double layer capacitors (EDLC), the DLCAP™ to Mazda Motor
Corporation from 2012. The DLCAP™ will be used as part of Mazda vehicle’s regenerative braking system.

The new DLCAP™ series has been specifically developed for use in vehicles. Its internal resistance has been significantly reduced, while environmental durability (vibration and shock immunity, heat resistance) has also been improved. The main features of the new series are as follows.

Features ultra-low internal resistance
Large current charge is frequently repeated in regenerative braking systems each time the vehicle decelerates. Under this condition, using EDLC with high internal resistance often leads to suspension of the system’s function due to self-heating of EDLC. The new DLCAP™ series, developed specifically for regenerative braking applications, features one third of the internal resistance compared to the previous series with the same size. With lower resistance, the new series also has enhanced high current charge/discharge capability.

Features superior heat resistance
Conventional EDLC is able to perform under temperatures below +60 degrees Celsius. For the aim to use EDLC safely in more severe conditions, Nippon Chemi-Con developed EDLC with an extended temperature range up to +70 degrees Celsius in 2009. The new DLCAP™ series developed this time also guarantees +70 degrees Celsius as its maximum temperature. As a result, it can be mounted in the engine room, and its tolerance toward self-heating caused by frequent regenerative braking has been improved.

Comprises Non-acetonitrile electrolyte
Acetonitrile is one of the chemical compounds used in some companies EDLC’s electrolyte. It is said to be more beneficial to lower internal  resistance than other electrolyte chemicals, however, it may generate extremely hazardous gases in case of combustion. From the point of safety-first, Nippon Chemi-Con has always been developing the EDLC that does not comprise acetonitrile in its electrolyte. Using highly safe propylene carbonate, DLCAP™ features low resistance, quite comparable to the other EDLC using acetonitrile.

Features high durability and superior vibration resistance
The new DLCAP™ series achieve superior charge/discharge cycle characteristics; in other words, long life, based on Nippon  Chemi-Con’s years of research and development of reliability improvement technologies. It will therefore require no periodic replacement. With its rigid aluminum case structure, the new DLCAP™ series also features high durability. With regard to vibration resistance, a new element fixing structure has been employed as a countermeasure for vibration of the element inside the aluminum case.

Uses environmentally-friendly materials
The major material used in EDLC is activated carbon. No hazardous heavy metal is used and assures high safety levels. The impact on the  environment can therefore be reduced when eventually disposing of the EDLC.


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