2011-12-08 Exar Products Win 2011 EDN China Innovation Awards

PowerXR (tm) Digital Programmable Power Controller, and Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) Selected for Prestigious Industry Recognition

Fremont, CA, December 7, 2011 – Exar’s Corporation (Nasdaq: EXAR) has recently won two 2011 EDN China Innovation awards. Continuing its market leadership position in interface solutions, Exar’s XR16M890 won “Best Product” in the analog category. Exar’s industry acclaimed PowerXR programmable power products were again selected by EDN editors for recognition, this time EDN China chose the XRP7724 as the “Leading Product” for the power category.  EDN magazine previously selected Exar’s PowerXR XRP7704 and XRP7740 for the 2009 “Hot 100” products category. 

The XR16M890 is one of the industry’s fastest 8-bit/VLIO UARTs with integrated level shifters. Using the on-chip voltage level shifters minimizes the number of external components needed and optimizes the overall Bill of Materials. The XRP16M890 has a selectable 8-bit Intel, Motorola or VLIO bus interface. It has a robust set of features including Auto RTS/CTS Hardware Flow Control, Auto XON/XOFF Software Flow Control, TX/RX FIFO Counters, selectable or programmable transmit and receive FIFO trigger levels, and Fractional and Independent TX/RX Baud Rate Generators. It has Auto RS-485 Half-Duplex Direction Control, Multidrop mode with address detect, 128-Byte TX/RX FIFOs, and Infrared mode. Additionally, the XR16M890 has Sleep and PowerSave modes to minimize power consumption, and up to 16 GPIO pins are available. Additional information on the XR16M890 can be found at http://www.exar.com/interface/uart-and-bridging-solutions/8-bit-vlio-uarts/XR16M890/.

The XRP7724 is a highly integrated programmable power controller with the industry’s most advanced design capabilities, robust performance and the most flexible design environment in the industry. With expanded voltage and current ranges, increased output voltage resolution, SMBus interface and independently controlled channel frequencies, the XRP7724 is flexible enough to handle the most demanding applications spanning mobile to industrial to high-performance computing.  Our patented Digital Pulse Frequency Modulation (DPFM) technology lowers standby current enabling system designers to meet strict green power requirements. Additional information on the XRP7724 can be found at http://www.exar.com/power/power-conversion/programmable-power/XRP7724/.
About Exar’s Interface Products

Exar has one of the broadest portfolios of high-performance interface solutions including UARTs, RS-232, RS-485, multi-protocol serial transceivers, GPIO expanders and integrated UART/transceiver combinations. For chip-to-chip or system-to-system connections, Exar's single and multi-channel interface ICs provides immediate competitive advantages to system architects: low power, reduction in board space requirements, increased bandwidth capacity, and enhanced product features. Interface devices are found practically everywhere including point-of-sale (POS) terminals, digital televisions, industrial automation equipment, handheld devices, and networking environments.

About PowerXR 
Exar's PowerXR products fuse digital power-supply control and monitoring technology with high-performance analog circuitry in a new generation of digital power-management products that enable system architects to create products with advanced, integrated, switching power supplies that significantly reduce wasted energy compared to more commonly used linear power-supply regulators.
These power ICs integrate the best of both worlds - the flexibility and precision of digital power management and control, with the low cost and robust power capabilities of analog switching power supplies. PowerXR products will reduce development time from weeks to hours enabling a significant time-to-market advantage. PowerXR devices permit real-time power system adjustments during design, in response to changing requirements or even after field-deployment.



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