2016-03-07 Kyocera registers trademark Haptivity® for its proprietary touch feeling technology

Kyocera registers trademark Haptivity® for its proprietary
touch feeling technology and continues further development

The new virtual reality technology that enables an innovative
real touch feeling and a display feedback has been
introduced last year. Kyocera now expands the usage of the
second product generation into the application fields automotive,
Industry 4.0 and medical. New touch feeling technology
The patented technology Haptivity®, which stands for haptic
and activity, is a registered trademark of the Japanese technology
company Kyocera in the EU since the beginning of 2016. This
step paves the way for Kyocera's trend-setting plans in the further
development of virtual reality applications: So far, the first
generation of Haptivity® devices was technically limited to screen
sizes of approximately 7“.

The second generation of Haptivity® applications will overcome
this limitation. These are also based on piezo actuators, but are
utilizing a more sophisticated principle to transfer vibration from
actuators to the touch surface. As a result, this allows the actuation
of larger masses and hence larger panels as well as optically
bonded touch screens.

For implementations of Haptivity® into the industrial market,
Kyocera is planning the supply of “out of the box“ modules which
incorporate an LCD panel and a touch screen with haptic feedback.
This supports an easy and fast way of implementation into HMIs.
With this complex but easy to use solution, the customer has not to
deal too much with the complex technical details before operating
the haptic Technology.

In terms of the large volume markets, such as the consumer and
automotive sector, the supply of individual components like
actuators and control IC is planned. This allows Kyocera's
customers a more specific and customized implementation into
any individual application and enables them to take full advantage
of the new display Technology.

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